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European Gas & Power

Cavendish harnesses the knowledge of its experienced team to deliver a service of the highest standard, across a range of energy markets. We provide broking services for the European energy markets with a focus on Structured Products and Options (some of which are listed below). Our markets include both OTC and centrally-cleared products, the latter of which include contracts supported by the ICE and EEX exchanges. We are also a broker-partner for the BBL and IUK interconnector gas pipelines, helping those TSOs allocate their capacity via the Implicit Allocation Mechanism.  And we support secondary markets in gas transmission and storage capacity

Physical Gas Products:

Options (both Centrally-Cleared and OTC)

Fixed and Indexed Priced Swing Contracts
Virtual Transport
Virtual Storage
Calendar Spread Options
Temperature Regression Products
Beach Entry products
Transmission Capacity ​Rights

Storage Capacity Rights

Physical Power Products:  

Options (both Centrally-Cleared and OTC)
Clean Spark & Dark Spread Options
Power Forward Profiles

Power Swings


For more information about our services, please see our Service Overview.

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